Aquatic Facilities

50m Indoor Heated Lap Pool

Our 8 lane, indoor heated 50m pool is designed to be used by lap swimmers of all ages and speeds, this pool will also be used for our Learn To Swim classes, GOswim Academy classes, Aqua Aerobic’s classes and can also be used by people simply looking to cool off on a hot day.

  • Temperature: The main pool is currently heated to a temperature setting of 28 degrees.
  • Lanes: While the pool is 8 lanes wide, they can be adjusted to suit all activites.
  • Depth: The pool depth ranges from 1.0m at the shallow end to 1.6m deep at the other end.
  • Covers: To help retain heat over night, all pools are covered each evening.
  • While we will always reserve a number of lanes for general lap swimming, it is worth noting that some times of the day are busier than others.


  • Heated to 28 Degrees (29.5 in winter)
  • 8 Lanes Wide
  • Perfect for Carnivals 
  • Accessibility Access
  • Indoor Grandstand
  • Only Indoor heated 50mt pool on the peninsula

18m Indoor Heated Pool

Our indoor 18m pool is available to the public Monday to Sunday outside of our normal GOswim lesson Porgram times.  This pool is also available for hire by Day Cares and Schools for holiday activities as well as for Birthday Parties.
* Please check at Kiosk for hours
* This pool is newly renovated with state of the art filtration and heating.


  • Heated to 33 Degree's year round 
  • GOswim Lessons
  • Gentle exercise
  • Family swimming activities
  • Birthday parties
  • Day Care Swimming Lessons
Please note : 

The program pool is heated to 33 degrees and is NOT for lap swimming.
Available for physio, rehab & exercise clients and patrons with children 5 years and under.   

This Pool is not accessible during our Learn to Swim programming.  
Monday - Thursday 3.00pm - 6.00pm & Saturday 7.00am - 12.00 noon

The program pool is closed to the public Thursdays from 5/10/23 - 7/12/23 -  between 9am - 10am
for Kindy swimming program

Outdoor Heated Toddler Pool 

Our heated toddler pool and play area is designed to be a fun and safe envirnoment for children and families.

Some stats:

  • Newly renovated 
  • Temperature: The toddler pool is heated to 29 degrees.
  • Depth: The pool depth ranges from ankle deep to knee deep.
  • Fully shaded

This pool is open only during the warmer months (September to May, subject to change)


  • Heated to 28 degrees
  • Pool Inflatables for Hire
  • Seating area 
  • Shaded area
  • toddlers birthday parties
  • Family fun for young children.
  • Coffee area beside the pool

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